Consulting Services Offered

Welcome to the The Ode Keil Consulting Group Inc. service information page. We are the premier providers of healthcare consulting services related to the Environment of Care (EOC), Life Safety (LS) and Emergency Management (EM) accreditation requirements of The Joint Commission. We also provide the same level of services to organizations accredited by DNV, HFAP and organizations that elect to be inspected by CMS for Medicare certification. Regardless of which option an organization chooses, our goal is to provide you the very best resources and services to assure very good outcomes of accreditation surveys.

Our standards are high. Our consultants are among the best available to prepare organizations for accreditation and Medicare certification. Our goal is always to deliver a product that meets or exceeds accreditation requirements and regulations and has long term value to our clients.  

Accreditation Preparation

The OKCG partners with hospitals and other organizations seeking accreditation by The Joint Commission to assess the level of survey readiness. This is done by conducting intensive reviews of the key processes examined by The Joint Commission and conducting mock surveys using the survey process of the appropriate accreditation company or the Medicare assessment process. Each assessment includes a report of findings, a work plan to address deficiencies, and templates of documents, educational materials, and other resources required to address the deficiencies.

Periodic Performance Reviews and Statements of Conditions

The OKCG works with hospitals to complete the new PPR required by The Joint Commission. Each review includes discussions with key client staff to design plans of correction for any deficiencies identified. The OKCG will also act as the PPR project manager to assure timely completion and complete documentation of all plans of correction.

The OKCG also does site surveys and prepares the required documentation to meet the revised requirement for periodic assessment of the life safety condition of buildings that replaced the requirement for a Statement of Conditions® .

Program Design

The OKCG works with clients to develop management processes and the educational resources required to implement them.

For more information or to schedule a personal interview, please contact us either via e-mail at You may also leave a message at 847-208-1173. 

Educational Seminars and Speakers Bureau

The Ode Keil Consulting Group offers a variety of seminars and will work with your organization to develop customized presentations for local, state, and national association meetings. We take pride in providing the latest information about Joint Commission and other standards and survey process. All presentations are supported with practical examples of management plans, procedures, and examples from our extensive library of documents.

If your organization is looking for experienced, knowledgeable speakers to address Joint Commission or other accreditation issues, emergency preparedness planning, medical equipment management, patient and staff safety or related topics please contact us to discuss your needs.

We can be contacted directly at 847-208-1173. If no one is immediately available please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We look forward to serving you.